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The Great Unsigned – What is that about?

Hi There!

So what is this site meant to be about?

Well its about all Creative Creatures out there………………………………………………………………….


Singers, Bands, Actors/Actresses, Comedians, Dancers, Dance Companies, Theatre Companies, Artists, Creative Creations, Interior Designers, Designers, Dress makers/Tailors/Fashion Artists, Community Theatre Companies, Performers, Street Theatre Companies, Crafts, Sculptors, Potters, Musicians, Poets, Composers, and More………………………………….!


So what does the Great Unsigned bit mean?

Well it means all those wonderful creatives out there, who don’t have an agent, a publisher, record label or anyone representing them.

dancerstheatre compies

Hey! But your stuff is good right?

You might have been doing it a while and well, frankly, your still only getting paid a pittance for your efforts, or maybe you aren’t being paid at all. You might have your show reel or your voice track or even have your photos and profile up on several agency site, but still your not really thriving.

If your creative in any way, we would love to hear from you. Tell us about what you do, your experiences and even send us a demo if you have one. Or a sample poem or short story. Or tell us where you are playing or acting or send us some  photographs of your artwork, creations, etc. Or your Youtube channel if you have one.

This blog is about all those brilliant creatives out there, who might have a small following or the occasional gig or contract but haven’t hit the big time …….. Yet!

Let us know if you are exhibiting with the dates, times and place or  where and when your show goes up or where your gig is being held.


Please bear in mind that this  blog is about creatives of any genre, style or type. We only ask that you are passionate about what you do and that you have something real to offer the world. Pardon me, but if you just like playing chopsticks on the piano, thats great for you but not what we are looking for in this blog. In other words, you need to know that what you create is great, even if you haven’t hit the big time!

This blog hopes to reach all of you brilliant creatives out there working away in your bedrooms or sheds, inspite of rejections and self doubts. Those of you who maybe don’t fit into the proverbial round hole! For instance, maybe you never went to art school and have taught yourself or maybe your style of dance isn’t of interest to the big dance/performance schools or maybe you can dance wonderfully but could never afford to go to dance school. Maybe you have some books up on Kindle but can’t get a publisher. Maybe you taught yourself music or maybe you stream poetry from other worlds but could never get on with the formal way of writing poetry. You know who you are, and we would love to hear your story!

We will also be doing some interviews with creatives like yourselves and reviews of plays and books and bands and other creative endeavours.

We will also be posting ideas and tips and useful information on this blog!

The more interactive you are with us, the more exciting this blog will be for everyone.